Monday, 16 January 2012

Am I using the oldest cake mixer in the world?

Spot the date - Kenny was born in 1961 and cost £24!

Kenny the mixer lives on to make cakes another day...

I started my blog in the autumn of 2010 with the best of intentions, but never really got properly going. Two posts in 15 months was a pretty feeble attempt at blogging by anyone's standards! So, new year, new start! 2012 is going to be the year that I start on my road to becoming a cupcake maker extraordinaire.

First things first: I needed a mixer! A wooden spoon just wasn't cutting it anymore, not to mention killing my hand. After a local search and a limited budget, I found 'Kenny' - a Kenwood A701 mixer, originally bought in 1961 by a local lady's granny. I can't believe that I'm using a 50 year old mixer either, but   so far he's working like a dream and I feel quite pleased that I'm putting someone's beloved mixer into use again after it's been sat covered in dust, in a retro box decorated with antique wallpaper. Lets hope that Kenny lives until the day that I can afford to buy a shiny new version!

With a mixer bought, I decided to focus my new year's resolutions towards cake making and I have set myself the following goals:
  1. Study: Do more cake making courses and become better at decorating
  2. Have better and more professional blog photography
  3. Blog once a week
  4. Undertake one cake commission before the end of the year
  5. Enter a cake making competition
Now that this is in print I have to make it happen! :) Watch this space for my baking trials and tribulations of 2012!


Miss Cakeaholic said...

That mixer is brilliant! I've got a modern KMix and my cake decorating teacher has one very similar to this. Just shows you how good Kenwood is that it's still going strong! Xx

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